"Explore the Intricacies of Cannabis Strains and Top Smoking Accessories: An Indispensable Guide by 3Pursuits"

"Explore the Intricacies of Cannabis Strains and Top Smoking Accessories: An Indispensable Guide by 3Pursuits"

Cannabis consumption has significantly evolved over centuries, deeply ingrained in our society due to its multifarious uses and benefits. Once perceived as strictly illegal, it is now gaining acceptance in several countries, including the U.S. This newfound acceptance is partly attributable to its potential medicinal benefits, along with recreational use.

For both, the novice and seasoned cannabis users, understanding diverse cannabis strains and the perfect accessories can seem a daunting task. This comprehensive guide aims to simplify this process, offering you insight into different cannabis types and leading you towards a more rewarding and fulfilling cannabis consumption experience.

Understanding Cannabis: Let’s Start from Scratch

Cannabis can be primarily classified into three broad types - Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. Each with its peculiar physical characteristics and effects. The right choice will significantly depend on your unique preferences, intended experience, and the time of consumption.

  • Indica: Known for its broad leaflets and short, bushy appearance, Originated from Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent. Indica strains generally induce calming and relaxing effects, which makes them perfect for evening or nighttime use.

  • Sativa: Contraryly, Sativa plants are tall with narrow leaflets. These strains are reported to provide an energetic and uplifting high, which makes these suitable for daytime use.

  • Hybrid: As the name suggests, Hybrid strains are a cross between Indica and Sativa, aiming to strike a balance. The effects can lean towards either parent strain or be truly balanced.

Cannabis Consumption Methods: Smoking and Vaporizing

The method of consumption significantly impacts the cannabis experience. The two main methods are smoking and vaporizing cannabis, both of which are where our high-quality accessories at 3Pursuits come into play.

Gravity Bongs: Make Every Hit Count

Our top seller, the Gravity Bong is a perfect companion for seasoned users. It’s similar to Stundenglass’s Gravity Bong, but with a major plus - we provide the same great quality while being more budget-friendly. Designed for supreme strength and durability, our gravity bong ensures you get the most out of your cannabis.

Grinders, Herb Storage, and Genius Pipes

Our grinders and genius pipes are ideal for those who prefer their cannabis finely ground and easy to consume. The genius pipe is an innovative product meant for a smooth cannabis experience. Our herb storage products help keep your cannabis retain its freshness and potency.

Choosing the Right Accessories

A lot depends on your unique preferences, type of cannabis, and budget. Remember, high-quality accessories can significantly enhance your cannabis experience. So, though premium quality accessories might seem expensive, they are worth every penny.

Essential Cannabis Storage Tips

Using our herb storage products can significantly extend the freshness of your cannabis. Keep your cannabis in a chill, dark place for retaining the maximum aroma and freshness.

Bonus: Smoking Etiquette

Sharing is caring! Cannabis is often a social experience. Pass to the left, corner your bowls, and always respect the host’s rules.


Enhance your cannabis experience with the right knowledge of strains, high-quality accessories from 3Pursuits, and above all, refined smoking etiquette. Cannabis consumption can be a unique journey, make it worth the while!

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