Genius Pipe - Full Product Review

Genius Pipe - Full Product Review

The self-described Genius pipe, which offers a novel new technique to take pulls from a pipe, is a three-piece pipe held together by magnets and is claimed to provide cooling and filtration on par with water pipes. I was excited to try it out because of its covert and portable design!

How does Genius Pipe Work?

Simply slide the top piece off to load it, then stuff the chamber full of dry herb. Before securely resealing the top cover, pack it tightly. When you're ready to start, light the bowl with the flame and breathe in through the mouthpiece. 

Slide off the top and pour out the burned remains once you've taken a few hits and used up all of your herbs.

Manufacturing Quality

The build quality of Genius Pipe pleasantly pleased me! While the build quality and feel are unquestionably decent, I was expecting something flimsy. The Genius Pipe definitely delivers on this front, with a decent weight that feels good in the hand and slides easily into the pocket.

Only the device itself, a simple user manual, a plain box, and a little carrying pouch are included in the box. Given the price, I must admit that we had hoped for a little bit more, but the sturdy construction has me feeling assured and content.

I really value Genius Pipe's stealthiness, which is another great quality it has.

Ease of cleaning

Thankfully, you don't need to be an astrophysicist to use the Genius Pipe. Actually, the opposite is true—you don't really need to be smart at all to figure it out! As opposed to some other pipes I have tried recently, which have a bit of a learning curve, this is supposed to be simple to use, and they did a terrific job on that front.

Cleaning is also really easy. The three components should simply be immersed in a cleaning solution, gently stirring the solution every so often. Before preparing for the next session, wipe the pipe down and give it a short washing in water.


Also pleasantly surprising to me was how well the pipe worked! Although it didn't do anything groundbreaking, it clearly met my criteria. It did a good job of filtering out ash and other particles, and it sufficiently cooled the smoke.

However, it doesn't completely compete with water filtering, and the claim that it won't make you cough is a bit of a stretch. Cleaning it every few sessions is also necessary to maintain its functioning properly.

I was most amazed by how well the pipe contained the weed smell throughout the day. After use, the device emits a very small amount of residual odor.

Overall Experience

Does Genius Pipe work well? Certainly! Is it practical? Without a doubt. Although I was really impressed with how discreet yet attractive it is, the tight build quality, and the robust design, some might find the price tag a tad higher than they expected. 

But for a large number of individuals, and if you're bent on owning a high-end portable pipe, it's an excellent purchase.

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