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Genius Pipe Portable Smoking System

Genius Pipe Portable Smoking System

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Genius Pipe Portable Smoking System: Unleash Effortless Brilliance in Your Smoking Sessions!

Unveil a world of smoking sophistication with the Genius Pipe Portable Smoking System – a revelation in cannabis accessories. Easy to clean, a breeze to load, and smoking like a dream, this innovative pipe redefines your smoking experience. The genius lies in its design, splitting in half to expose a dimpled air passage that cools smoke, reduces drag, and filters out tar for a smoother hit. The bowl cover slides seamlessly, allowing you to pack, protect, or savor for later. From taster hits to classic bowl experiences, the Genius Pipe adapts to your mood. Ignite your senses and indulge in the brilliance of portable smoking innovation!

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Portable, Discrete and Smellproof

Slim profile fits easily in pocket or purse

Strong magnets preserve aroma and flavor

How Does it Work?

Cool, smooth air flow without messy water

Patented cooling system uses 2000 dimple vortices

Aluminum conducts away heat 250 times better than glass

Healthier than wood pipes or paper

Wipe outside with alcohol to kill germs before sharing

Tars and oils collect inside to be easily removed with alcohol

Slider Provides Two Modes of Smoking

Light via Genius Dude for controlled burn

Light via open bowl for full throttle

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