Genius Pipe is the best weed pipe on the market

Genius Pipe is the best weed pipe on the market

Genius Pipe: Is it really the best weed pipe on the market? We think so. Let us tell you why.

Numerous consumers from all across the United States praise the Genius Pipe for being simple to clean, unbreakable, portable, and elegant. For individuals who require a robust and compact dry pipe, this is a highly fascinating item. 

The Genius Pipe gets a lot of positive reviews, but is it truly the best pipe available, and is it really worth the price the Genius firm is asking for it? Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about the Genius Pipe and whether it is worthwhile to purchase.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Genius Pipe

As we've already mentioned, despite the fact that Genius Pipe is rather pricey, hundreds of Americans utilize it every single day. 
  1. Simple use. 
  2. Premium build quality and materials. 
  3. Filtration. 
  4. Portable and compact design. 
  5. It doesn't emit a weed smell.

Why should you pick Genius Pipe over other pipes?

The pipes are all quite simple to use. But the good news is that using the Genius Pipe is simpler than rolling a joint; all you have to do is separate the slides, load your weed into the net, light it, and start puffing. Although cleaning your pipe is straightforward, you will need to do so very frequently. We'll talk about this afterward.

Because this filtration system uses no water, it is known as a dry pipe. The waterless filter on the Genius Pipe cleans and cools the smoke. When the pipe is constructed from numerous tiny spheres, Vortex technology is everything. Before it reaches the smoker, the air circulates around these spheres, and it makes logical that the more it circulates, the colder the air is. The best part is that you won't lose the flavor of your marijuana, so if you're looking for a pipe that will let you experience 100% of the flavor, you should consider purchasing a Genius Pipe.

The fact that dry pipes can be transported anywhere is another key benefit. Genius Pipe is the flattest item you can purchase (apart from a joint, obviously), which makes it incredibly portable and eliminates the risk of marijuana spillage. That's all there is to it; all you have to do is slip this 180 gram flat object into your pocket and go wherever you like.

It doesn't smell like cannabis at all.

Just to be clear: There is an after-smoke smell from this pipe, but there are virtually NO pipes without this issue. It's excellent news that the Genius Pipe almost completely lacks marijuana odor thanks to the ground-breaking G-Stone sponge that the Genius firm created. So you may travel anyplace with this gadget without being concerned about the smell of your marijuana. They refer to that as a stealth device, exactly.

Genius Pipe: Pros and Cons

We also need to let you know that while the Genius Pipe is very nearly flawless, there are still some drawbacks. For instance, some consumers don't like the way this equipment is designed, and others don't like how much it costs. If you want to know the whole truth, keep reading because we will discuss both the positive and negative aspects of this technology here. Spoiler alert: despite a few minor issues, this pipe is still priceless.

Genius Pipe Pros


First and foremost, durability is key; no one wants to replace a pipe every two to four weeks due to poor construction. Because of the high calibre of the materials used to construct Genius Pipe, the price is quite fair. One of the better choices for people searching for a robust pipe, it has a wonderfully substantial feel. taste and quality of the smoke. As previously said, this pipe enables the user to taste the flowers' or oil's authentic flavour. In fact, that's one of the reasons we always search for the greatest strain, along with the effects, so if you want to experience the citrus, grape, pine, or chocolate notes and to feel relaxed and at ease, choose this strain.


Some pipes have an odd appearance; there are products that resemble lipstick, pens, Minion, soda cans, etc. Although they are sometimes described as "stealthy," most smokers don't require that type of stealth. Although the Genius Pipe is covert, it is at a new level. This device doesn't appear like a pipe (but it also doesn't look like a phony lipstick pipe or something similar), has almost no smell when used, and has a compact, flat aluminum body that can be easily concealed in your pocket. It's simply the best option for any smoker looking for a high-end stealth device. Numerous Genius Pipe accessories are available

Genius Pipe Cons

It will require thorough cleaning pretty frequently. The Genius Pipe is simple to clean, but it still needs to be done frequently just like any other gadget. Although it is not a time-consuming process, if you are a frequent user, you will have to perform it frequently. This will work great for you if you don't mind cleaning your pipe every few days.

It's fairly pricey. The cost varies according to the store but on average a normal pipe costs between $80-$100 (the special editions can cost up to $120). The Genius Pipe also comes in a "Light" variation, which has a price that is approximately two times less ($60). It's a little more expensive ($30–$50) than usual, but we think it's worth it.

Genius Pipe: Cleaning And Changing Screen

Here, changing the screen is quite easy. All you have to do is open the pipe, take out the old screen, and replace it.

One of the simplest tasks in the world is cleaning the equipment. You can use a sponge and an alcohol wipe to clean it once you slide it apart. It's crucial to avoid using chemical-containing cleansers because they can damage the metal finish.

Conclusion. Is Genius Pipe the best pipe for weed?

Yes. Absolutely, that's our call. Even though this gadget has a couple of minor drawbacks, such as the fact that it costs a little more than the ordinary pipe and that it needs to be cleaned often. This is the best weed pipe on the market that we have found.

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