Gravity Infuser Bongs for Sale for Under $400

Gravity Infuser Bongs for Sale for Under $400

Gravity Infuser Bongs for under $400? Yes, it's true. offers gravity infusion bongs but for over $100 cheaper. 

Types of Weed Pipes

There are many types of weed pipes available, including bongs, bubblers, chillums, and one-hitters. 
  • Bongs are the most popular type of pipe, as they allow the user to take large hits of smoke. 
  • Bubblers are smaller and more portable than bongs and are ideal for quick smoking sessions. 
  • Chillums are the simplest type of pipe and are often used by beginners. 
  • One-hitters are designed for smoking small amounts of weed and are perfect for those who want to control their dosage.

The best gravity bong for under $400 is from

But one type of pipe is taking center stage right now and that's the gravity infuser bong. A gravity infuser bong is a type of bong that uses gravity to help the user to smoke. 

The user puts the cannabis in the bowl and then puts the bowl in the bong. The bong is then held upside down and the user lights the marijuana. The user then inhales and gravity pulls the smoke down into the bong.

Benefits of a Gravity Bong

Some benefits of a gravity infuser bong include smoother smoke, increased filtration, and easier cleaning.

Is a gravity bong the same as a hookah? 

No, a gravity bong is not the same as a hookah. A gravity bong is a type of bong that uses a partial vacuum to draw smoke from a bowl of burning cannabis. The vacuum is created by filling a container with water and then inverting it over the bowl. The user then lights the cannabis and pulls up on the container, which forces the water up the tube and into the bowl. 

This increases the air pressure in the bowl, which makes it easier to draw the smoke into the lungs. A hookah is a water pipe that is used to smoke tobacco. Hookahs have a bowl of burning tobacco that is covered with a piece of foil or a screen. The user draws the smoke through the water, which cools and filters it. Hookahs can have one or more hoses, which allow multiple people to smoke at the same time.


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