Here is why you Shouldn't Make Your Own Gravity Bong

Here is why you Shouldn't Make Your Own Gravity Bong

Here is why you Shouldn't Make Your Own Gravity Bong

Gravity bongs are cool. They offer huge hits and make them smooth to inhale. We love them. But the days of cutting 2-liter bottles are behind us. We have grown up and so have our cannabis tools.

If you not sure whether you should make your own homemade gravity bong, or break open the piggybank and buy a new hi-tech one, then these pictures should help.

Old School Bong - Messy, sticky, non-Hygenic, wasteful, and not cool looking at all.

That’s a sexy look. Not.

And another not so sexy look.

Don't move, be very steady or the whole thing will tip and then we have a mess.

Takes two people to get a hit.

Rolls of tin foil, and plastic bottles are usually the components.

Is that a blender?

It is a blender!

Ok, let's look at some images of a professional gravity infusion bong.

Now thats sexy!

Waaaay better than homemade!

Now that is sexy and you know it!

Do we need to say anymore? We are not in high school doing bong hits from an old plastic bottle and the blender container contraption we just whipped up like MacGyver (for those who don't know MacGyver was a TV show guy that could jimmy rig anything with a toothpick and a piece of gum.)

As adults, it's our duty to be safe and clean when we get high, and the gravity bong is just the thing to stop virus transmission and give you clean cool smoke at the same time. Thanks for reading. 

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