How to smoke infuse food using a gravity bong?

How to smoke infuse food using a gravity bong?

How to smoke infuse food using a gravity bong?

What is a Gravity Bong?

A gravity bong that draws smoke into the chamber using gravity is called a gravity bong.


A bowl, a stem, a base, and a tube make up the bong. The base is set on the floor, and the bowl is positioned atop the stem. The user smokes the bowl and inhales while holding the tube over it.

The smoke is sucked into the base through the tube and cooled by the water there. The smoke from the base is then inhaled by the user.

The user first fills the base of a gravity bong with water before adding smoke to a beverage. Since cold water will aid in cooling the smoke, it should be chilly. The user then positions the bowl atop the stem.

It can be intimidating to use portable smoke infusers because there is so much ambiguous or contradicting information online about how to do it correctly. It turns out that using these tools is actually quite simple.

You will need some extra-fine wood chips and a portable smoke infuser to get started. You may purchase them online or occasionally at your neighborhood hardware store if your smoke infuser did not come with these chips or if you are out of them. There are many other kinds of wood available; we particularly liked smoking with applewood and hickory chips, but it can be enjoyable to try other kinds as well. 

A container to store the food you're smoking will also be necessary. During testing, we discovered that food storage bags work well, although larger products or substantial amounts of liquid can also be stored in a bowl or other dry container. 

You'll need some plastic wrap on hand if you're using a bowl or a dry storage container so that you can completely encapsulate the food and contain the smoke.

How to Smoke-Infuse Foods with a Bong?

Step 1: Enclose Food

Place the food into a food storage bag, leaving a small opening at the top through which to put the smoke infuser's nozzle. Seal the bag most of the way up. As much air as you can get out by pressing the bag will ensure that more smoke and less air contact the food.
Place the food into a bowl or other dry storage container if you're using one, and then seal the container completely with two layers of plastic wrap. The consequences might not be as strong as they would be if you were using a bag because you won't be able to let the additional air out. To make an entry, pierce the plastic wrap with the infuser's nozzle.

Step 2: Insert Nozzle

Leave some space between the nozzle and the food as you snake it through the hole you've made in the bag or the plastic wrap.

Step 3: Add Smoke Chips

About 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoons of extra-fine smoke chips should be placed in a single layer on top of the mesh screen in the smoking chamber.

Step 4: Activate Smoke Infuser

Use a long match to fire the chips after turning the fan on to its highest setting. Quite immediately, smoke ought to begin pouring through the tube and into the container.

Step 5: Continue Smoking

Reduce the fan's setting to low and let the smoke permeate the food for 10 to 30 seconds. If you're unsure about your preferred level of smokiness, start at the lower end of the scale. It's preferable for your food to not be enough smokey on the first round than for it to be too acrid to eat; you can always repeat the process.

Step 6: Turn Off Smoke Infuser

Remove the nozzle and shut off the infuser. Add a third layer of plastic wrap to your bowl or food storage container to further seal it up. You can also totally close the plastic bag. There should be little to no smoke leakage and the smoke should be kept inside.

Step 7: Shake Vessel

Shake the container softly. Handheld infusers lack the turbulence and air movement present in conventional standalone smokers, according to Greg Blonder, a food scientist, and professor of product design at Boston University. As a result, instead of infusing the food, the smoke molecules produced by infusers frequently just sit in the vessel or cling to its sides. The food is exposed to more smoke when the vessel is shaken because it simulates some of the turbulence that causes more smoke molecules to interact with it.

Step 8: Wait

Wait until the smoke has mostly cleared. This suggests that the majority of the smoke has either dispersed or gotten inside the food.

Step 9: Taste

Taste. It's time to serve if the dish has enough smoke flavor for your liking! Repeat the procedure as necessary to achieve the desired level of smokiness if you want it to be more intense. Because the taste of smoke fades quickly, make sure to smoke-infuse your dish just before serving.

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