What are bong rips?

What are bong rips?

What are bong rips?     

Bong rips are tokes from a bong that contain a large amount of smoke. Definitely not for the newcomer.

Do you get really high with a gravity pipe?

Yes, you do. You take in more smoke because the gravity pipe forces the smoke into your lungs faster and cooler so you can take more in. Thus, you get higher.

What do they think of gravity bongs on Reddit?

Gravity bongs are generally well-received on Reddit. People seem to appreciate the efficiency and power of gravity bongs, and many say they're a great way to enjoy cannabis. Some users have shared tips on how to make gravity bongs even better, such as using a bowl with a screen or adding a diffuser. Overall, gravity bongs seem to be a popular way to consume cannabis among Reddit users.

What do they think of gravity bongs on Facebook?

People on Facebook seem to think that gravity bongs are a fun and easy way to smoke weed. Some people have even said that they prefer gravity bongs to other methods of smoking weed because they believe that it gets them higher.

Where Can I Get a Gravity Bong?

You can purchase a gravity bong online or at most smoke shops, but our suggestion is to purchase your gravity infusion bong from 3Pursuits.com. Best price and extra features.

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