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What Pipe Does Wiz Khalifa Use?

What Pipe Does Wiz Khalifa Use?           

Wiz Khalifa is a rapper, thus there are very little to no odds of really sitting down and smoking a pipe with him. However, you can emulate Wiz by smoking with the same pipe as he does. Wiz uses a gravity bong just like the ones from 3Pursuits.com.

Introducing the 3Pursuits Gravity Infusion Bong

The 3Pursuits Gravity Infusion Bong is currently one of the most sought-after items, and Wiz's fondness for it may also be to blame. Seth Rogan was the first celebrity to drive up sales of this gravity bong, so we can't entirely give Wiz the credit for this. Find out our frank opinion of the 3Pursuits Gravity Infusion Bong by reading on.

3Pursuits Gravity Infusion Bong - The Specs

  • No Contact Smoking System
  • 360 Degree Rotation
  • Percolated Water Filtration
  • Interchangeable Mouthpieces
  • 14mm Adapter Capabilities 
  • Glass Globes Can Be Removed and They Are Dishwasher Safe
  • Capable of Hookah, Concentrates, and Dry Herbs 

3Pursuits Gravity Infusion Bong - What's Included

  • Reusable Craft Box With Handle
  • 1 Aluminum and Glass Hookah
  • 2 Glass Globes
  • 1 Male to Male Hookah Bowl Adapter 
  • 1 Hookah Wand
  • 1 Hookah Bowl
  • 1 X3 Foot Hose
  • 1 Flower Bowl
  • 1 Coal Tray

Why A Gravity Bong?

Many people like gravity bongs and hookahs because they make it simple to smoke constantly by generating a continual flow of smoke through the 360-degree spin. Utilizing both water and kinetic energy, this occurs. 

What Is the Set Up like?

Since this is not your typical gravity bong, you might need to look up some instructions on YouTube before setting up this equipment. But once you have everything put together, using it is really simple.

How Does the 3Pursuits Gravity Infusion Bong Gravity Bong Work?

After assembling it, simply fill the globe with water and then pack the bowl with your ground-dried herbs. Get your coals on the bowl and prime it after that. You should rotate the machine a few times to prime it and get things moving. Before using, you should let the bowl cool.

What can I use a gravity bong for?   

It can be used for dabbing, hookah, flowers, and concentrates. Additionally, you can use your 3Pursuits Gravity Infusion Bong to infuse your food and beverages, which is a function that we think is very cool. For smoking cheese, meat, beverages, veggies, or practically anything else you could want to smoke, they sell various scents of wood chips. Additionally, they come in a variety of flavors, including apple, pecan, mesquite, alder, and others.

Add the wood chips to the smoker, turn it on, and let it burn for a while to start the infusing process. They have a glass cloche for beverages that aids in the infusing process. You should use the plate cloche for food. 

Is this $400 Hookah Worth The Hype?

We'd have to agree that it is. The 3Pursuits Gravity Infusion Bong would be ideal for you if you value adaptability in your household equipment. No matter where you choose to place it in your home, its slick design and contemporary appearance won't be an eyesore.

What bong does wiz Khalifa's use?

Wiz uses a gravity bong just like the ones from 3Pursuits.com.

Another amazing thing about it is how many more things you can purchase and tailor to your preferences. These products include wall mounts, patterned glass hookah hose tips, various colored glass globes and hose clamps, and more. However, if you just intend to utilize this product for one of its features, the high price may not be for everyone. But if you can afford it then the Gravity Bong is a must-have.

Where can I buy a gravity bong for cheap?

3Pursuits.com carries gravity bongs for cheap at just $399. You can order yours at 3pursuits.com/gravity-bong-infuser

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