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Gravity Bong Accessories Kit

Gravity Bong Accessories Kit

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Keep Your Gravity Bong in Peak Condition with the Gravity Bong Accessories Kit!

Ensure your gravity bong is always ready for an exceptional smoking experience with our Gravity Bong Accessories Kit. This kit is a lifesaver, providing essential spare parts to keep your sessions uninterrupted. Boldly crafted to maintain and enhance your gravity bong, it includes key components such as a Replacement Glass Globe, Replacement Glass Bowl Piece, Replacement O-rings, Replacement Glass Mouth Piece, and Replacement Seals.

No More Disruptions: With the Gravity Bong Spare Parts Kit, ensure a seamless smoking experience. Eight Replacement O-rings provide lasting durability, making sure your gravity bong stays in top-notch condition. This kit is designed for hassle-free maintenance, allowing you to focus on what matters – enjoying your cannabis sessions. Keep your setup pristine and the good times rolling!

Included in Accessories kit:

  • Replacement Glass Globe x1
  • Replacement Glass Bowl Piece x1
  • Replacement O-rings x8
  • Replacement Glass Mouth Piece x1
  • Replacement Seals x2 
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