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3 Pursuits Large Storage Container

3 Pursuits Large Storage Container

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Compact and Discreet: Large Storage Container for Your Herbal Treasures!

Transform your herb storage game with our Large Storage Container—a pocket-sized wonder designed for cannabis enthusiasts. Perfect for safeguarding one-quarter ounce (7g) of your favorite herbs, this container brings both waterproof and smell-proof features to the table, ensuring freshness and discretion on the go.

Pocket-Perfect Storage: Dive into the world of convenient and portable herb storage. The Large Storage Container fits seamlessly into your pocket or purse, becoming an indispensable companion for your adventures.

Compact Brilliance: At 2.1 inches (55mm) wide and 1.8 inches (46mm) high, this container is your compact fortress of freshness. Embrace the freedom to carry your herbal treasures discreetly and confidently.

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    Attractive Self Storage

    For fresh or ground herb

    High grade aluminum