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3 Pursuits Small Storage Puck

3 Pursuits Small Storage Puck

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Small Storage Puck: Your Herb's Cozy Hideaway!

Elevate your herb storage game with our Small Storage Puck—the ultimate pocket-sized haven for your favorite fresh herbs. Designed for perfection, this puck is tailor-made for storing one-eighth ounce (3.5g) of your cherished greens, ensuring they stay as vibrant as ever.

Waterproof and Smellproof Marvel: Dive into worry-free storage with the Small Storage Puck, where waterproof and smellproof capabilities create a protective shield around your herbal treasures.

Pocket-Friendly Perfection: Slip this puck into your pocket or purse effortlessly, and experience the freedom of carrying your herbs discreetly wherever you go.

Compact Brilliance: Measuring at 2.1 inches (55mm) wide and 0.9 inches (23mm) high, this puck is your compact, stylish sanctuary for freshness.

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    Attractive Self Storage

    For fresh or ground herb

    High grade aluminum